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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan This book and A Handmaid's Tale should be required reading.
Undoubtably, this book will be reviled and banned by the religious 'right' and their educational institutions, but I think the author did a fine job of staying very neutral in her language about those groups and institutions. There is no hate-filled rhetoric, or even condemnation in this book. From the POV of the main character Hannah, there is a slow and gradual awakening to the differences of the 'real' world to the one she has been raised in, and, ultimately an awareness of
what she has been denied, how her growth as a person has been stunted by her well-meaning religious parents. Things like her reactions to wearing pants for the first time in her life, and listening to a conversation about classic literature, feeling left out and regretting that she had never been allowed to read those booiks.
To be continured...