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Catalyst: A Novel of Alien Contact - Nina Kiriki Hoffman A bit weird.
OK, read in all one sitting and I liked the 'world' created for this story, but I can understand the reason this book isn't found in too many public libraries. Waaaaay too much emphasis on the teen's masturbatory (by the aliens) and sexual encounters (with another teen). It's not handled in a 'porn' way, but I just found it detracted from the overall book.
I would have preferred more backstory on some of the other characters, or on the setup at the colony - his father at one point basically sold the main character into indentured servitude, convenient to the plot, but not referenced at all before it just occurred.
Unfortunate, because I have enjoyed her other work that I've been able to find & read, but this one is definitely not worth the effort I went to to find it.
For anyone still interested, it will be reposted on PBSwap asap!