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Shades of Grey: A Novel - Jasper Fforde Most of Fforde's wacky humor in his other books are not to my taste, but this one was right up my alley. I loved the little jabs here and there, and there are a million questions left unanswered, but it's a very satisfying world he's created here.
The 'Colortocracy' where your perception of color creates your social and economic status and sets it for the rest of your life, once you've been tested at the age of 20. The Rules, which are strictly enforced, and the loopholery at it's best, which is encouraged, are interesting in what they reveal about their creator. (He must have been a bit insane, for some of the things he set as Rules.) The system of merits and demerits, both official and cash on the side, the marriage-brokering system, the Leapbacks, and the way in which virtually every person in power abuses that power in one way or another, demonstrate an interesting society. The "Collective" almost seems to be looking at a theoretical communist society of the far future, although they admit from the get-go that not all people are equal, which is a divergence from the historical Communist ethos.
If this all sounds confusing, I apologize, but you'll just have to take my word for it - this book is well worth a read!
The end of the book throws you for a loop, but leaves you with many questions, yet to be resolved. I will definitely be looking for the sequels!