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Undaunted - Mike Shepherd An interesting installment in the series. The ending tells you exactly where book #8 is going and why, so I'll be reading that one, but otherwise this one really leaves a major plot line hanging, which is unusual for these books.

The blurb on this book is also incorrect - or at least a book or two too early. The aliens don't come bringing word of a threat to all humanity, but rather of a threat to them, described as being at the furthest possible distance from humanity, on the other side of the aliens' territory from humanity's.

Also, no sense in hiding it - this book was largely about re-contact with the Iteechee, with a side trip to the planet Texarkana (yes, with all that the name implies about the culture) for Kris to pull off another miraculous 'fix' - this time political, rather than military. I enjoyed the glimpses of the Iteechee culture we're getting, and it will be interesting to see where it is heading, once Kris takes care of the pirates and slavers on the fringes of Greenfeld space, in book #8. (Sassinak, anyone? = )