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The Dark River  - John Twelve Hawks Ugh, an interesting premise falls flat on it's face.
Lots of descriptions of black leather, weapons & automobiles, but stiff wooden characters, the author has a painfully obvious agenda.
Spiritualism = good
Materialism = bad
Technology is evil because it's being used by the soulless evil Illuminati, I mean the "Tabula", to control the mindless masses of the Matrix, I mean of the current day cellphone/GPS/twittering population. Only a mystic who can cross over to the 'light' and bring back spiritually enlightening messages, like Jesus, Buddha, et al, have, can somehow save us all from world thought domination. Throw in the age-old battles between the evil overlords and the ancient race of guardians for the mystics (May the Force be with you, Maya) and the evil twin who needs to be redeemed, and there's something from everything you've already read/watched in this book for everyone.

I really disliked the author's ham-fisted approach to shoving this creed down the reader's throat - at every turn he is reiterating some point from it - over and over and over and over.

I could probably deal with that if I liked and was invested in the characters, but a more cardboard set of them cannot be found - unless you're looking in a writer's encyclopedia of stock stereotypical characters. Between that and the derivative plot points, ugh. Overall, I'd recommend you not waste your time.