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Bios - Robert Charles Wilson Interesting, but a bit disappointing in the end.

Figured out the scenarios about Zoe and the planet in advance (and if you've ever read Powers That Be, you'll also have a leg up on figuring things out), so no real surprises, a lot of buildup with no actual climax to the story. Kinda tapers off into the cycle beginning again.

That being said, I loved the environment on Isis, the descriptions are great, and the idea of a whole planet that humanity can look at but not touch is very cool - especially when it's so lush and beautiful.

I would love to read more by this author in the larger universe he's created. The corporate-run Earth, with it's aristocratic Families, and the complex interrelationships with the varying cultures of the different cultures in the Kuiper and Mars colonies all sounded fascinating. Something set in that environment I would definitely pick up.