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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child - Marc Weissbluth This book really helped a tremendous amount with my newborn! It has a lot of science/research information to back up the advice AND anecdotal information about specific families going through the same kind of things I was. As a new parent it was nice to see several choices of methods available to me to help me with my daughter - and it encouraged me to make the choice that we were comfortable with, it didn't push any one method over others.

I, too, didn't know that a baby could need to go to sleep an hour after waking -- that alone was worth reading the book. It made a huge difference in her behavior when she was awake. For the first 8 weeks or so (before I got this book), she would cry incessantly if she wasn't held. If you put her down after she fell asleep, she would wake up after 5 minutes or so -- it was exhuasting! Once I tried putting her down after an hour of awake time, it made a huge difference!

But, like any advice you get (whether from a book or a fellow parent), take it all with a grain of salt -- and realize that it may not work for your unique little one. If this happens, move on and try something new, until you find something that works for your family.