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A Woman Worth Ten Coppers - Morgan Howell Another book I had to force myself to finish.
Passable writing, been-done-before plot, shallow & stereotypical characters.

My biggest problems with this book were twofold.

1) That by the middle of the book, I just really truly didn't care one whit for any of the characters. Not the stilted 'hero/warrior' figure and definitely not the 'abandoned/confused/young-girl-with-a-world-changing-destiny' figure. The bad guys are suitably (and predictably) the 'ultimate' evil, and the gods in conflict are also annoyingly two-dimensional. Actually, all the characters are pretty simplistic stereotypical figures - not a surprise or interesting fact among them.

2) Perhaps the biggest issue I had is that the author likes to tell you all the plot details up front and in your face, oh, and then repeat it ad nauseum. I like a plot to unfold throughout the book, not be told (or be able to guess) pretty much every plot point right up front.

If you're ok with that style of narrative, then you might like this totally predictable fantasy installment. If not, then skip it and search out something better. For recommendations check out the Fantasy or the SciFi & Fantasy groups here on GR (or check out my Fantasy bookshelf.)

P.S. Something interesting I found when looking through the author's profile - "Morgan Howell" is the pen name for a male writer: Will Hubbell. There's a whole thread on the Fantasy group about differences between writing styles of male and female writers of fantasy. Have to say that this book bears out the consensus of that thread...
Also, I had this author's Queen of the Orcs series on my TBR list, but after reading this dreck have since removed them all.