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Reader, not a writer, and like to keep it that way - I'd rather be reading!
Born of Illusion - Teri Brown Loved the setting, but the plot was a bit slow in catching my interest. Glad I persevered though.
Kitty in the Underworld - Carrie Vaughn Meh. Most of the plot is listed in the book description, made the first 3/4 of the book pretty boring to read, since I knew everything that was coming. Last 1/4 of the book was pretty predictable (and anti-climatic). Hoping the next Kitty installment is much better!


The Bromeliad - Terry Pratchett I love this trilogy. The constant wordplay of the very literal-minded nomes made me LOL (or quietly chuckle) many times. :)
Highly recommended for all ages (adults will pick up on different things than kids will), definitely read all three books of this trilogy!

Children of the Gates

Children of the Gates - Andre Norton 2.5 stars
2stars for the first book, 3stars for the second.
The Best of All Possible Worlds: A Novel - Karen Lord I love this kind of science fiction, wish I could find more of it! Highly recommend!
The Mousehunter (Mousehunter Trilogy, #1) - Alex Milway My 9yo loved this book and the sequel. The cliffhanger ending (with a '...', no less!), is irritating though.
A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent - Marie Brennan I quite liked this one, looking forward to the sequel!

The Harp of Imach Thyssel: A Lyra Novel

The Harp of Imach Thyssel  - Patricia C. Wrede A good solid fantasy, appropriate for ages 9+.
Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt Comes highly recommended by Denise.
Earth Girl  - Janet  Edwards Wow, what a great book! This is the kind of novel I'm always looking for. Have to buy this one for the permanent home library.
Better review to come.
Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris OK, the plot was a little bit run-on, non-stop, but I quite like the way it wrapped up so many of the characters. A nice way to see them all out. good job, Ms. Harris. =)

A Perfect Beast-After Earth

A Perfect Beast-After Earth - Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, Peter David Eh, just wasn't holding my interest. The writing was pretty dull, you could tell what was going to happen next, and lots of 'tell', not much 'show'.
Since I haven't seen the movie, that seems like a good indicator to drop it, and move on to something better. Passed the 100 page mark, put on my 'abandoned' shelf.

The Easter Egg Farm

The Easter Egg Farm - Mary Jane Auch My youngest loved this book so much that we had to keep getting it out of the library, long past Easter time!
A cute message, of valuing everyone, regardless of differences.
Loved her chicks, my daughter had fun finding where each egg pattern came from (dress, lamp, window shades, etc.) Highly recommend.
Read in 2013
Speaking From Among the Bones: A Flavia de Luce Novel - Alan Bradley Whoa, what a cliffhanger!
Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allen A light fluffy romance, think I've read a version of this story before, in Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic.
Still Life with Shape-Shifter - Sharon Shinn Better than the first book, hands down, this is actually two stories in one, and while there are some romances in the book, there is not such a repetitive (and quite boring) constant reiteration of being unable to bear living without said lover.