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Winter Moon - Mercedes Lackey, C.E. Murphy, Tanith Lee Picked this up because I'm a fan of Mercedes Lackey, but was disappointed in the reading of it. The ML story was ok, but pretty weak, possibly make a good YA read, but no surprises here, you can see the end coming from a mile away. I would love to read more about the Grey Ladies, but hopefully with a bit more plot to them.

The second story was too amorphous and religious/psychological for my tastes - lots of running around in dreamtime to fix her psyche back up. Oh, and handy that she meets a hunky warrior who also needs similar fixing...

The third story I passed on reading, because it's a just a personal peeve of mine - I cannot read stories out of order willingly. Wish I had known that there was a whole novel before this story, as I might have fit it into my reading schedule before I started this book. As it is, if I ever read the series, I'll know to come back to this collection before book 2 to read story "1.5" as the author labels it.