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Diving into the Wreck - Kristine Kathryn Rusch Have to say I was disappointed with this one. I love KKR's Retrieval Artist series of SF mystery novels.

Not sure if it was done on purpose for some obscure reason, but I was mildly irritated that our main character is never named and barely described. Even when she meets up with her father (after many years of separation), even when a total stranger seeks her out in a bar to do business, she is never named. The back of the book calls her "Boss", but that isn't her name, some of the crew she hires for dives call her 'boss' a few times, and that's it - even the ones she's known for 10+ years as well as the one who trained her to dive in the first place...

Entire book is narrated first person, present tense, which just didn't work with me on this one, although I've read some others recently which have (The Hunger Games), both of which I enjoyed.

Plot is pretty slow and not really engaging. I find it hard to believe that 'wreck divers' as described (risk-takers who are adventurous and free spirits) would be so timid over every little thing that happens. Gets tiresome after a while. Lots of buildup to some very anti-climactic events.

Looks like a standalone book from the description, but we find out in the last couple of pages that the whole book is just a setup for a series.